• Remember Maggie

    Remembering The Great Margaret Thatcher - Please Remember To Wear Your Blue Ribbon On April 8th #RememberMaggie

  • Lady Thatcher's Achievements

    Only Some of Lady Thatcher's Achievements

    First Female Prime Minister

    Empowering women who aspired to a career in politics

    Beat The Unions

    Increasing Economic Stability

    Defended Britain's Sovereignty

    Against Argentina in the Falklands War

    Helped The Poor Own Their Own Homes

    Through the "Right to Buy" Scheme

    Empowered Local Business and Entrepreneurship

    Through Reforming Britain's Taxation

    Harnessed the Global Market

    Through encouraging global investment

    Further Increased Economic Stability

    Through Privatisation

    Ended The Cold War

    And Revitalised The Entire World

  • Lady Thatcher's Legacy Lives On

    How People Feel About Margaret Thatcher Today


    Thinking About Lady Thatcher's Prime Ministership, do you think she left Britain.......

    More or Less Respected?

    60% Said - More respected

    A Country With More Or Less Opportunities For Women?

    51% Said - More Opportunities

    In 2013 Lady Thatcher Was Voted The Number 1 UK Prime Minister In History.

    Statistics Sourced From The Sun